• PVC Conduit Fittings

PVC Conduit Fittings

Conduit fittings, also known as electrical conduit fittings, are used to connect runs of conduit to electrical devices or boxes. They are available in all kinds of metal and with different levels of moisture protection. The types of fittings you choose depend on if you are using a non-metallic or metallic conduit, the type of connections you need to make, and the size of the conduit.

We, Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd, are one of the top electrical conduit fittings manufacturers in India that brings you a range of conduit fittings, conduit cover plate, and cable sealing fittings, couplings, elbow, push saddles, junction box, and more. Our products are available in all types and sizes for compatibility with the PVC conduit pipes.

Our company offer different types of conduit fittings catering to consumer needs and applications. You can find quality conduit cover plate in India at JPPL as we cover fittings and all essential accessories to use with:

  • - Electrical metallic tubing.
  • - Conduit hangers and hardware.
  • - Non-Metallic sheathed cables.
  • - Flexible and rigid metallic conduit.
  • - Fittings for hazardous and regular locations.

PIPES: JPPL brings you top-notch electrical conduit pipes available in all sizes ranging from 20 mm, 25mm to 50mm, and 63mm with LMS (Mechanical strength of light) and heavy series. You can find it in standard length with no hassle.

FITTINGS: Explore our collection of quality fittings that include saddle, fabricated bend, round elbow, coupler, reducer, surface and deep junction box, and PVC fan box in Delhi. Our junction boxes come with covers and brass inserts.

  • - They are easy to install.
  • - Excellent finish.
  • - Manufactured using top quality PVC material.
  • - Brilliantly robust.
  • - Ability to withstand high temperatures.

Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd (JPPL) is the finest PVC pipe and fitting manufacturer. We offer PVC casing & capping, and the best PVC conduit fittings in Haryana for use in home electrical wiring. As a premier supplier, product quality, safety and aesthetics are important to us.

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