• PVC Casing & Capping

JPPL for #1 PVC capping for electrical cables

PVC casing and capping is a robust and brilliant product used for a different purpose that offers to bear the supply of a load of wire based on its capacity. Not only does it help meet the electrical safety standards but also maintains the look of your interiors while providing easy access for repair. Its vertical closing design ensures a secure lid mechanism that will not buckle under the weight of the heavier cable.

We, being one of the PVC casing capping manufacturers in India, take pride in introducing high-quality products creating a strong and unique design for wire and cable protection.

It is made of unique material that is suitable for all harsh conditions. Many prefer PVC capping for electrical cables and wires to bring a different look to their homes as well as offices. PVC casing and capping are also called the Casing Patti or Cable Trunking, it is a helpful and necessary tool for electrical products.

Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd. (JPPL) is the top PVC casing capping manufacturer in Delhi. Our company brings you a range of PVC products to cover the open wiring at commercial and residential buildings. They are easy to install and are designed in a unique way to provide great strength supporting heavy wires. Many choose a case and capping for distributing surface wires and cables as it is a device that enhances and organizes all the wires.

  • - Our products are manufactured using special polyvinyl chloride.
  • - Available in all sizes and types.
  • - Double lock construction.
  • - Excellent for channelizing surface wiring.
  • - Robust and solid in nature.
  • - Protects wire from catching fire, moisture and rust.

Since unplasticised material is used during the production, it has the impact of high strength and robust contour. This means it will not change shape or dimension after extended use and has large storage for all types of wires. If you are looking for quality casing capping electrical wire in India, Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd. (JPPL) is your ultimate destination for casing and capping products.