About Us

Our products are most innovative of its sector and bears complete & advanced systems in manufacturing, designing & supply of its products. With a high degree of specialization in the production of PVC products & accessories for use in domestic electric wiring it has remained on the cutting edge of innovation in the niches it serves.
Consistency in delivering products that adheres to highest quality, ergonomic, safety and aesthetic standards, and not to forget our exceptional customer service.

JPPL started from a small milestone. It initially began manufacturing of PVC pipes & then slowly & gradually as time progressed along with its devoted Directors, talented team, dynamic workforce and trust of its customers it began flourishing. Due to immense hard work of the entire team, along with its technology and with best of its quality it derived attention of many people.

This positive response encouraged JPPL to aim for expansion and diversification.

JPPL enjoys good reputation and is known for its quality standards and competitive rates.

JPPL Offers:
  •   Consistent products and services
  •   Innovations beyond customer’s expectations
  •   Superior performance
  •   Economical prices
  •   On time delivery